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AEM: Generate Renditions Larger Than 2K Pixels

Step 1: Add a new step to "DAM Update Asset" Workflow with the desired rendition size.

Duplicate the step, rename it and add the desired values under "Web Enabled Image"

Note: You might have received errors like this, if the image rendition requested exceeds the maxpix size of image server settings... “ image size: ‘Maximum image size exceeded: Limit is 2000.0,2000.0, Actual image dimension is 3000x1895”. Proceed to Step 2 for increasing the maxpix.

Step 2: Update "maxpix" property to desired pixels, under Image Server Settings. In this example, I've changed it to 4000, 4000.

  • Prior to 6.4, Image Server Settings used to be under “/etc/dam/imageserver/configuration/jcr:content/settings”
  • In 6.4, you do not see this path and options. To overcome this problem, create a "imageserver" node of type "cq:Page" under "/conf/global/settings/dam/dm/" and the properties should be attached to "jcr:content" node.  (Note: The properties below are same as what you have prior to 6.4)

Step 3: Save all your changes, upload new image and verify if the desired rendition is generated.

Note: Make sure your image size uploadred is larger than the desired rendition.

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